A revolutionary indoor car cover

After being introduced at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours, Jay Leno invited Touchless Car Cover to his garage in Burbank, California for an up-close demonstration. His first words were, “boy is this a cool product…”.

If you use the old-fashioned cover just after washing your car, you subject yourself to growing mold and bacteria under the cover and within those unreachable nooks and crannies. We’ve all entered a car that has the faint (or strong) odor of mildew. This can be prevented by immediately covering the just washed car with the Touchless Car Cover.

No dust.
No trapped moisture.
No chance for mold to grow.

The car is allowed to dry naturally and without the accumulation of dust. It takes the average car 18 to 30 hours to fully dry, depending on ambient temperature (in colder climates winter temperatures can more than double this drying time). In that time, your car accumulates enough dust so that the outdated covers will scratch the finish when placed on the car, no matter how soft the fabric of the cover is. You can see the results of this on well taken care of automobiles that have fine web-scratching on the car. Unless you wash the old drape-type car cover several times a month this scratching can become severe. If a small piece of dirt gets trapped within the old draped-type car covers from placing it in the truck, on the garage floor or in a cabinet, the scratching can easily penetrate through the car’s finish or further worse.

Protect your car and it’s beautiful paint job with the Touchless Car Cover.

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Click here for a list of 2008/2009 cars compatible with Touchless Car Cover. Our product will fit sports cars, sedans, wagons and coupes that are 196″ and shorter.

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