Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a few questions asked about our products, some technical and some just general questions. We will try to post the most meaningful ones here. If you can’t find answer to your question or questions here, please contact us via toll-free at 1-888-945-5725 or email your questions to


Q: Why wait 24 hours before I install the Rear Window Louver?

A: It’s important to wait the full 24 hours before installing the louver to the stainless mounting plates. This is to achieve maximum adhesion of the mounting brackets; the 3M adhesive needs time to set-up or “Cure”. While the brackets may feel solidly attached after applying to the glass, they needs that 24 hours to ensure the bracket will come loose when the car is driven. It’s also important, make sure that the exposed side of the 3M adhesive is not touched or contaminated before applying to the glass to achieve maximum adhesion.

Q: Why the multiple strips of 3M automotive-grade adhesive tape on the back of the mounting brackets?

A: This is to ensure that air-pockets do not develop under the adhesive; the strips allow for any air that could be trapped to escape via the gaps between the strips. Maximum pressure applied to the top of the bracket will make for a good contact. Apply a small amount silicone adhesive around the bracket, as instructed.

Q: Why the silicone adhesive around the brackets?

A: This will ensure that moisture will not “undercut” the 3M automotive-grade adhesive over time. The best procedure is to mask off the glass area around the bracket, leaving about a 3/8” of glass visible. Apply a thin bead of clear silicone to all the edges of the stainless mounting plate and press in with your finger to seal all edges.

Q: Why is my Astra/Hammond Rear Window Louver not hinged?

A: Some of our more recent Rear Window Louvers are not hinged; most of customers preferred the tighter and more custom fit to the rear glass; and, they say that it’s not that difficult to remove and replace, if needed.

Q: How to I clean the glass once I have mounted the Rear Window Louver?

A: The louver can be removed by unscrewing the black thumbscrews and removing the small stainless washers. No tools should be required for this step. While the louver is fairly light in weight; you will still need to be very careful, as it is flexible and you want to avoid having it make contact with any painted surface of your vehicle. The removal and replacement of the Rear Window Louver may only take a matter of minutes. Believe it or not, you will have to clean the rear window “LESS” with an Astra/Hammond louver; since, the sunlight does not shine directly on the rear glass-there is no glare. Minor dust and water spots are not really visible where there is no glare from the glass. In many cases, just washing the louvers and between the louvers with clean water will keep the rear glass clear and clean.

Q: Can I paint the Rear Window Louver?

A: Yes. All three types of Astra/Hammond Rear Window Louvers: Aluminum, Textured ABS and Smooth ABS can be painted. The Smooth ABS is the only Astra/Hammond Rear Window Louver that is designed and required to be paint. Astra/Hammond Rear Window Louvers are available painted from the Manufacturer.

Q: Do you produce custom rear window louvers?

A: No, unfortunately we do not produce custom or “one-off” rear window louvers are they would not be cost effective for the customer (in regards to time and materials spent on designing, prototyping and testing). Additionally some makes and models of vehicles are no longer available for extensive testing.


Q: How do I know which size I should order for my car?

A: The Touchless Car Cover fits sedans, coupes, sports cars and wagons up to 196″ in length. It will not fit SUV’s, minivans or trucks.

Q: How much protection does it provide from the sun? For example, what if I live in Phoenix? Does your material have the strongest UV ratings?

A: The Touchless Car Cover was designed for INDOOR USE ONLY or LIMITED outdoor use. It is not to be used as a temporary garage or for extended periods of time outdoors.

Q: What are the cleaning/maintenance instructions for your car covers?

A: Simply wash with water and a mild detergent. Be sure to rinse the cover with fresh water to get rid of soap and/or detergents.

Q: Do you make covers for trucks and motorcycles?

A: The design of our cover will not presently allow for the covering of trucks, motorcycles and SUV’s.

Q: Is there a way for me to secure it to my car so it won’t blow away?

A: DO NOT use the Touchless Car Cover in high winds. The Touchless Car Cover was designed for INDOOR USE ONLY or LIMITED outdoor use. It is not to be used as a temporary garage. The included straps and buckles are intended to make a nice fit.

Q: What materials is the cover made out of?

A: Our Touchless Car Cover is made of 190T nylon that has been coated for UV protection, water resistance and fire resistance. Our tests in regards to the water resistance has been incredibly good. Please keep in mind that this cover was designed for indoor use.

Q: Is there a way for me to secure it to my car so that it doesn’t get stolen?

A: Our covers come standard with a cable lock and storage bag.

Q: What size is your car cover when folded up?

A: Folded up, the Touchless Car Cover is approximately 48” in diameter by 2” thick.

Q: How heavy is it when folded up?

A: Our cover weighs approximately 12 pounds.

Q: What are the dimensions?

A: Length = 17′ Width = 7-8′ (can be adjusted) Height = 5’8″ (can vary slightly due to width setting).